Code Libraries, SDKs, and API Wrappers

Untested Third Party External Libraries

Rails: Jason Torres has built a rubygem:

(There are also a number of forks we are reviewing and will add to this list.)

PHP: Brandon Beasley has built a Codeigniter PHP Library:

ColdFusion: Andy Matthews has built a ColdFusion wrapper:

Python: Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo has built a Python interface:

JQuery: Luciano Sother has built a JQuery library at:


  1. andy matthews7 years ago

    I've written and released a ColdFusion wrapper for the Klout API. You can find it at


  2. Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo7 years ago

    I've released a Python Interface for the Klout API. You can find it here:



  3. edwardhotchkiss7 years ago

    You can check out my NodeJS Klout API Wrapper here: <a href=""></a>

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