Response Codes

* 200 OK: Success
* 202 Accepted: Your request was accepted and the user was queued for processing.
* 401 Not Authorized: either you need to provide authentication credentials, or the credentials provided aren't valid.
* 403 Bad Request: your request is invalid, and we'll return an error message that tells you why. This is the status code returned if you've exceeded the rate limit (see below).
* 404 Not Found: either you're requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn't exist (ex: no such user in our system).
* 500 Internal Server Error: we did something wrong.
* 502 Bad Gateway: returned if Klout is down or being upgraded.
* 503 Service Unavailable: the Klout servers are up, but are overloaded with requests.  Try again later.


  1. Tijmen7 years ago

    Are these error codes still supposed to be working? I only get the 200 one, which is good in a way, but I was testing my error handling. And I tried to fill in an invalid API key, or just a random username, But all I get is a black screen, no json output with an error code?

  2. VladP7 years ago

    Hi there. In case of request to non-existent resource ( Klout returns HTTP status line with missing description ("HTTP/1.1 596"). Could you please fix that.

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