Welcome to the Klout FAQ. If there is something you need to know that you don't see here, check the Klout API forum. If that fails, contact us at support@klout.com or holler at @KloutAPI.

Pricing and API Terms and Usage

What are some good examples of how the Klout API is being used?

  • Huffington Post uses the Klout score to help recommend the best content to readers. Check out the HuffPost Twitter Directory
  • Radian6 uses Klout to drive deep analytical insight.
  • CoTweet, Seesmic, and HootSuite all integrate our data to help users understand their stream better.
  • MailChimp does a good job using Klout to help marketers deliver email offers more intelligently.

We will soon have an area where Klout developers can post their integrations and applications. We want to give you a showcase to strut your stuff.

Is there a charge for your API?

There is no charge for a developer key subject to the limits explained here. We typically charge if your applications needs an SLA; resells Klout information as part of a line item, pro version, etc.; or requires extended caching. Regardless of the cost, you must credit Klout for the data according to our Style Guide.

What are the default limits (calls per day, calls per second) that I get when I register to use the Klout API?

You get 10 calls per second and 10,000 calls per day.

Do I need to show the Klout logo when I use the Klout API?

Yes. You need to attribute Klout with the Klout logo, most commonly this is the Klout badge. Here are the simple instructions and images.

How long can I cache the Klout scores locally?

Seven days. However, it should be noted that scores update nightly and that can lead to discrepancies due to out-of-date data on your end if you cache for the entire seven days. We still give seven days caching time because we respect your desire to optimize your applications and because we expect hearty innovation from developers exploring Klout scores over a week-long period.

Klout API Content

Which user IDs can I use to call your API?

You can call our API with a user's Twitter handle. We don't currently support calling our API with a user's email address, Facebook ID, or Facebook Name. We are considering adding Facebook ID and Facebook Name - or the hashed version - in the future.

What social networks does Klout include in its scoring?

We score Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We can score Twitter usage via the Twitter firehose and that leads to many unclaimed profiles that still have scores. However, with Facebook, we have opted to have each Facebook user opt in to Klout via Facebook Connect. That means that we score profiles at a slower rate but it also means that the user tells us it's OK to score them. We think that's important. LinkedIn behaves like Facebook.

When you request a user who has had both their Twitter activity and Facebook activity scored, you see no difference from a Klout user who has only their Twitter activity scored. The Twitter and Facebook activity are aggregated into a single Klout score. And, yes, users that have added Facebook have higher scores. If a user adds Facebook and LinkedIn to their Klout Connected Networks list, they will have a higher score than if they just had Twitter.

Can I search for influencers by topic?

Not right now. We can functionally do it - we have that information and the ability to open an endpoint - but we're wary of the spam implications (i.e., helping make it easy to make highly-curated, targeted lists). We're a little more on the quality-of-engagement, consumer-first side of the coin.

How many users can I pass in at one time to return information for?

You can pass in five users at a time.

Do you support SSL?

Yes, we implemented SSL into the API on March 30th, 2011.

Errors, Bugs, Downtimes

What do the error codes (404, 200, etc.) mean?

 Check our Response Codes page for error codes.

I'm seeing different scores for the same user from klout.com and the API. Why is this?

This is most commonly a caching error on our side. We're still trying to iron out caching but it's getting better all the time.

How do I find out about maintenance and downtimes for the Klout API?

We do maintenance weekly. You can find out about coming interruptions and quick glitches by following @KloutAPI.


Who hosts Klout's API?

Mashery. Check 'em out here: www.mashery.com. They're pretty cool.

Is there some place else I can get support for the API?

You should check the Klout API forum.

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  1. VladP7 years ago

    I have a few of questions regarding key for API.

    1. Do I need special key for commercial Klout usage?
    2. Can I get higher than 10 calls per second rate for my key?
    3. Does key have expiration date?
    4. If key has reached its limit (10,000 calls per day or whatever it is) when it can be used again (for example, application has reached 10000 calls at Oct.1.2011. 9:00 PM PST)? Details would be very appreciated. Like how Klout calculates "day" - is it calendar day (what time zone, BTW) or is it 24 hours sliding window?

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