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Announcing Google+ Identity Lookup

Since launching the new API in May we're already seeing substantial growth and adoption. Developers are enjoying fantastic low-latency and stability thanks to our more robust backend, and we are hard at work to deliver new features. Today I'm happy to announce that you can now lookup users by their Google+ ID. This marks the first new network we've implemented for lookup in the API and will allow developers to find the top Google+ influencers that have registered with Klout. It's available to all developers using the V2 API.

It's easy to work with, following the pattern we defined for Identity lookups:


In return, you'll get back a kloutId, which you can use to lookup a user's score, topics, and influencers. You can give it a whirl in our Interactive Documentation.

We're looking forward to the new integration possibilities this allows! Speaking of which, we've got a great way for you to share those...

Partner Showcase Now Open To Submissions

The Klout Partner Showcase is now open to submissions. This is your chance to promote your product and show off your killer Klout integration! Join the likes of Salesforce, Reuters, HootSuite, Radian6 and more.

Keeping In Contact

As always, feel free to tweet or email us with any questions and comments about the API and integrations. Tyler Singletary is available by email and Twitter as @harmophone. Follow @KloutAPI for API announcements, including new releases, downtime, and developer initiatives. Also, please keep in mind that the V1 API will be retired on December 31st, 2012.