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Facebook Identity Lookup (by way of third_party_id)

On the heels of our Google+ Identity Lookup, we're pleased to offer our most requested feature since 2011: Facebook lookup. Facebook's Platform Terms of Service (essential reading) prevents Facebook developers from sharing Facebook IDs (fbid). However, we can talk about Facebook users by way of their third_party_id. Third_party_id is an anonymized identifier, allowing Facebook to maintain the privacy of its users. Please keep in mind that we can only match the Facebook identities for which we have authorization.

Facebook and the third_party_id

It behooves developers to read Facebook's original blog post introducing third_party_id. You can use either the Graph API or FQL to retrieve these. The most important thing to know is that third_party_id is an optional field. It's very likely your application is not collecting it yet, and you will need to run a job to retrieve it for all of your current users (and start asking FB for it for future users).

Now that you have it, for each user you can look up their kloutId through our identity resource:


In return, you'll get back a kloutId, which you can use to lookup a user's score, topics, and influencers. You can give it a whirl in our Interactive Documentation.

V1 API Deprecation Reminder

On December 31, 2012 the V1 Klout API will be decommissioned. All developers will need to move to the V2 API as soon as possible. 

Keeping In Contact

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